College Athletics – Our Reflections of 9/11

On a late summer’s day in 2017, I peddled my bike around the Elon University campus. I circled the fountain at Scott Plaza and I was struck by a memory. It was on these bricks, where I stood as an Assistant Athletics Director, at 9:40 a.m. on September 11, 2001 that I learned of what [...]

2D Turns 7 Years Old

2D Turns 7 Years Old from Trip Durham on Vimeo.

What I Came to Realize While in a Restroom

I stood at the urinal and, looking to my right, I noticed the Executive Chef. “Nice job tonight,” I offered gently. Turning over his shoulder he said, “Thank you. Wahdyah have?” I am in Boston. I stared at the porcelain tiles ahead of me and, at that moment, I realized that everything I had heard [...]

A Prelude to the NACMA Convention – Student Attendance

Since 1997, I have attended the National Association of College Marketing Administrators (NACMA) annual convention. This is a quality meeting of the minds as marketing agents from colleges across the country come together to discuss best practices and common challenges on campuses and in communities. Without fail, every June, there is a roundtable conversation or [...]

A $2.00 Check and The Story Behind It

It happened over three years ago and the impression still lasts. In November 2012, my wife dispatched me to the hardware superstore to purchase a cleaner for our granite counter tops. When I returned home it was made very evident that I bought the wrong product. She wanted the can that was wrapped in the [...]

Where Did the “Thank You” Go?

And now, I climb upon my soapbox. Please bear with me for two minutes. My wife and I recently traveled to Washington, DC. While in the district, we had lunch at a hopping spot, a restaurant filled with power brokers and tourists. I watched one table as a waitress refilled the iced tea of a [...]