College Basketball Public Address Roundtable

Join Chuck White (UCLA), Patrick Whitmer (Kentucky), Jim Bachman (Villanova), and myself (Duke) as four public address announcers for these high profile basketball programs go "behind the mic." If video doesn't load correctly, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq9-mgPLH1Q   Audio for those who just want to listen.    

24 Hours in Baseball – A Historic Night in 1988

On June 24th (and 25th) in 1988, I experienced something that very few have had the opportunity. From my seat in the dugout of the Burlington Indians of the Appalachian League affiliate, I was part of history; history, to this day, that is unmatched. Here is - part - of my story.

2D Turns 7 Years Old

2D Turns 7 Years Old from Trip Durham on Vimeo.

What I Came to Realize While in a Restroom

I stood at the urinal and, looking to my right, I noticed the Executive Chef. “Nice job tonight,” I offered gently. Turning over his shoulder he said, “Thank you. Wahdyah have?” I am in Boston. I stared at the porcelain tiles ahead of me and, at that moment, I realized that everything I had heard [...]

A Prelude to the NACMA Convention – Student Attendance

Since 1997, I have attended the National Association of College Marketing Administrators (NACMA) annual convention. This is a quality meeting of the minds as marketing agents from colleges across the country come together to discuss best practices and common challenges on campuses and in communities. Without fail, every June, there is a roundtable conversation or [...]

A $2.00 Check and The Story Behind It

It happened over three years ago and the impression still lasts. In November 2012, my wife dispatched me to the hardware superstore to purchase a cleaner for our granite counter tops. When I returned home it was made very evident that I bought the wrong product. She wanted the can that was wrapped in the [...]