Conversations That Lead to Action

Metrics have plateaued and things seem mundane and routine. You know you have something special, but creating the space to organize the right people to have the necessary conversations seems impossible. We will facilitate your team’s strategy sessions so you are ready armed with action steps moving forward.  


“Trip has served as a moderator for two meetings that brought together school and conference personnel to address and strategize on several timely topics surrounding fan engagement. Trip was able to lead these meetings in a way that kept everyone focused, created meaningful conversation, and produced lists of possible future solutions. In addition, during the league’s annual football and basketball media events, Trip has been terrific in leading the live interview rooms. It’s clear to the players, coaches, media attendees and digital audience that he is well prepared and thoughtful in his approach.”

AMY YAKOLA, Atlantic Coast Conference, Chief of External Affairs


Partnering with 2D: Public Division I School

This high profile Division I school wanted to gather its athletic leadership for a retreat focused on collectively understanding the mechanics of reseating football and basketball for the upcoming campaign and to strategically examine the upcoming reseating cycles.

Following several meetings with a key athletic administrator, 2D recommended an appropriate physical space and developed a minute-by-minute agenda for the retreat that would accomplish the required goals. 2D led the team through important discussions, posing challenging, thoughtful questions to ensure the group made decisions according to their values and goals.

2D compiled a comprehensive report that synthesized what was said throughout the day related to analysis of the brands of both football and basketball, a SWOT analysis of undertaking a reseating process, the actual mechanics of the process, and a public launch of this process.

It’s Time to Call Your Next Play