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Fast Forward and Rewind

Where will you be when the sound of the horn signals the end of his time in his home arena, when the college basketball world pauses, when our minds turn [...]

College-Aged Student Attendance Survey

Purpose The 2D Collaborative (https://2dconsultingllc.com/2d-collaborative/) designed a nine-question survey to gain insights into the feelings and thoughts of college-aged students about attending sporting events in 2021, with the goal of [...]

Leading thru the Unknown

Leadership is key in college athletics. This we know, and have known. We called upon our brethren throughout the industry and asked them to share their philosophies of how to [...]

Hire Me!

I’m fond of saying, “While I haven’t seen it all yet, I’m getting pretty close.” Seems like a flippant comment during these troubling times, but it does provide a bit [...]

Voice Imaging with 2D Consulting

Trip is comfortable behind a microphone. Given his experience (dating back to his sophomore year in high school), it's understandable that he is at home when standing at a podium [...]

2D’s Diamond Celebration

In the wake of one of the most protracted recessions in US history, Trip Durham hung a shingle on May 4, 2010 that read “2D Consulting, LLC.” Ten years [...]

Conversations From Soundstage 2D

A Podcast with Trip Durham

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