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What I Came to Realize While in a Restroom

I stood at the urinal and, looking to my right, I noticed the Executive Chef. “Nice job tonight,” I offered gently. Turning over his shoulder he said, “Thank you. Wahdyah [...]

A $2.00 Check and The Story Behind It

It happened over three years ago and the impression still lasts. In November 2012, my wife dispatched me to the hardware superstore to purchase a cleaner for our granite counter [...]

Where Did the “Thank You” Go?

And now, I climb upon my soapbox. Please bear with me for two minutes. My wife and I recently traveled to Washington, DC. While in the district, we had lunch [...]

Fifteen Minutes at a Time

For fifteen years I only knew Mike Cleary for fifteen minutes at a time, not nearly enough looking back on it now that Mr. Clearly has gone away. While he [...]

Forrest Gump and the Bucket

This photo inspired my brother to claim that I lead the life of Forrest Gump. In the highly acclaimed movie, the Tom Hanks' character often finds himself in moments that [...]

Conversations From Soundstage 2D

A Podcast with Trip Durham

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