This photo inspired my brother to claim that I lead the life of Forrest Gump. In the highly acclaimed movie, the Tom Hanks’ character often finds himself in moments that seem too impossible to believe.

I am quite fortunate to serve as the public address announcer at Cameron Indoor Stadium. The 2017-18 year marks my eighth season (and my second without a Plumlee on the roster). Between the men’s schedule and that of the women, I walk through the front doors of the iconic arena nearly forty times a season. I have a constant opportunity to do what many basketball fans would love to do just one time.

This is where the bucket comes in to play. At one game a few seasons ago, during a media time out, I peered up towards the upper a ring of seats and it was there that I noticed a poster board being held in the air. In section 17, there was a young lady whose sign read, “Bucket List, Cameron Indoor Stadium” and it had a check mark slapped across it. I then realized that I get to work in someone’s bucket. Furthermore, it made me think that in this profession of Sport, many of us earn a living in places that are on others’ bucket lists.

What an awesome thrill it must be to spend your hours in Fenway Park in Boston, at the Devon Boathouse in Oklahoma City, or in the Staples Center in Los Angeles. You wake up each morning, you walk into a venue, where you will be paid for your time, toiling in a building in which families, miles away, are assessing their savings account to see if they can make a special visit to your spot when they are on vacation. WoW!

Do you take your position in sports for granted? Are you thinking about how lucky you are to be part of the work force of the Final Four each year? Have you thought about your unique position to work with the New Mexico Lobos? Many of us travel to various sports properties on a weekly basis. A great number of Americans would love to have the life you lead and to be part of great sports experiences.

You too work in someone’s bucket. You are also living the surreal life of Forrest Gump. Recognize it. Enjoy it. Be thankful for it.