Trip is comfortable behind a microphone. Given his experience (dating back to his sophomore year in high school), it’s understandable that he is at home when standing at a podium or inside a recording booth.

On this page you will find just a few examples of Trip’s work. To hear (and see) more, jump to 2D’s YouTube channel ( and Trip’s LinkedIn page (

Also, be sure to check out Trip’s on-going podcast series, “Conversations from Soundstage 2D.”

One final example can be found on the AthleticDirectorU site:



Public Address Announcement, Sportsmanship (dry)


Hall of Fame Voiceover, Lisa Stockton


NACDA “Merit of Honor Award” Voiceover, Arnold Palmer


South Atlantic League All-Star Game Banquet, People Will Come (dry)


Cameron Indoor Stadium introduces ESPN’s Mike Patrick